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“…the definitive inspired space and is unlike anywhere else in Toronto.
The open loft space, antique furniture and private rooms make it by the
far the most intriguing event space I’ve seen in a long time.”
- Chloe Sosa- Sims, Industry Programmer at Hot Docs
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“A sanctuary from the concrete jungle below it, appearing
like a mirage against the cityscape, Loft404 is foreign in its
charm and essential in its comfort.”
- Filler Magazine
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"Anyone who wants to throw a party in an amazing, fun and
super cool space should look no further.  I've cooked multi-course
dinners for 40 people in space with so little effort it made me wonder
why I didn't hold more events there in the first place."
- Matt Kantor, Chef at Secret Pickle & Little Kitchen
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“There is no better place than Loft404 in Toronto.
It really makes for both a creative and professional
session for our clients.”
- Roux Portraits
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“The experience from start to finish was wonderful."
- Garfield Durrant ~MSM Prevention & Youth Outreach Coordinator
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“I have hosted workshops, brainstorming sessions and
attended artistic celebrations in the space…I highly
recommend everyone to use Loft404, whether for a
corporate professional development day, or your next
community event”
- Garfield Durrant ~MSM Prevention & Youth Outreach Coordinator
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“ unbelievably gorgeous, winding labyrinthian space.”
- BlogTO
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“The space's creative energy really helped take the session
to the next level. It's a great space if you're looking to break
out of your day-to-day thinking. “
- BlogTO

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