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“…the definitive inspired space & unlike anywhere else in Toronto.
The open loft studios, antique furniture and countless private rooms make it
by far the most intriguing event space I’ve seen in a very long time.”

- Chloe Sosa- Sims, Industry Programmer at Hot Docs

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“A sanctuary from the concrete jungle below it,
appearing like a mirage against the cityscape,
Loft404 is foreign in its charm and essential in its comfort.”

- Filler Magazine
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"Anyone who wants to throw a party in an amazing, fun and
super cool space should look no further.  I've cooked multi-course
dinners for 40 people in space with so little effort it made me wonder
why I didn't hold more events there in the first place."

- Matt Kantor, Chef at Secret Pickle & Little Kitchen
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“There is no better place than Loft404 in Toronto.
It really makes for both a creative and professional
session for our clients.”
- Roux Portraits
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“ ...An unbelievably gorgeous, winding labyrinthian space.”

- BlogTO
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“I have hosted workshops, brainstorming sessions and
attended artistic celebrations in the space…I highly
recommend everyone to use Loft404, whether for a
corporate professional development day, or your next
community event”
- Garfield Durrant ~ BlackCAP Youth Outreach Coordinator
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“The space's creative energy really helped take our session
to the next level... there's nowhere else like it you're looking to
break out of your day-to-day thinking! “

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“We used the amazing authentic Loft404 to host a week of Movember Foundation Board Meetings. Despite having guests in from all over the world, Loft404 made everyone feel right at home. The unique look and feel of the space, attentive service and affordable price fits perfectly with the Movember brand. We can’t wait to go back!”
- Sarah Stoski ~ Movember

Introduction to Loft404

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263 Adelaide St. West | Loft 404, 4th Floor | Toronto, Ontario | M5H 1Y2


  • Loft 404 is a magical creative space in the bustling metropolis of downtown Toronto with a unique decor. I am a New York/ New Jersey based traveling  fashion photographer who loves unique shoot locations and Loft404 is a gem and great find in Toronto.
    When I came across Loft404 I know it was the place I wanted to shoot at because the variety of spaces available and the unique nature of each of them. Getting in contact with management was easy and the reservation process was simple. On the day of my shoots the staff was helpful, friendly and courteous, ready to assist to make sure we were comfortable. I would recommend Loft404 to anyone seeking a space for gatherings, weddings, book signings, photoshoots and much more. I won’t be using any other space for my shoots when next I am in Toronto.

    Tewelde Daniel, Photographer
  • Loft404 is one of those rare fantastical and sumptuous spaces with the ability to transport one into another world. It was a delight to discover and explore the labyrinth of rooms – from tiny private nooks to sweeping open areas – it was impossibly spacious and we almost had the impression that the building itself was expanding to accommodate our wanderings. It was perfect for our staff retreat, as there was room enough for all of us to work and collaborate comfortably while in an environment that scintillated the senses and nurtured broader and more creative thinking. A number of us also speculated that Loft404 would make the perfect venue for the greatest party ever thrown. This space is truly one of Toronto’s treasures.

    Ilana Landsberg-Lewis, Executive Director and Co-Founder
  • “I would just like to thank Allison and the events team at Loft404 for all of their help with the planning of my surprise engagement. Everybody who attended just loved the atmosphere of our room.  Allison was extremely professional and attentive to what I needed both with choosing the perfect room while  staying within my budget. I am extremely grateful for all her help and myself and my fiance can't thank her enough. It was a night we will never forget.”

    Michael Dethomasis, Host of a Surprise Engagement Proposal
  • "Loft 404 has quickly become one of my favourite places to shoot.  This is a creative friendly space with decorated rooms full of lovely furniture and art.  The different rooms feature gorgeous windows from all sides that give the most beautiful light, making it the perfect place for a photo shoot."

    Jen Squires, Photographer
  • "Loft404 is a serene oasis in the middle of bustling downtown. We filmed with young dancers and were able to easily change the feel of each piece by using different rooms in the space. Genna and Alli are beautiful souls that have let us into their magical sanctuary world. Looking forward to using the space again! "

    Soko Negash, Banger Films, Production Manager
  • " Loft404 is an amazing event space. The staff is so accommodating, and the space has so much character. We were able to get exactly what we wanted for our audiences and they loved it too! Thank you for such a lovely experience!"

    Danika Lorèn, Director & Actor, Collectif Toronto
  • "For a firm kickoff social, we decided to do something different from the ordinary cocktail hour at a bar/restaurant. Loft 404 was the perfect venue- with its quirky furnishings and unique vibe. Everyone loved the loft because it brought a more fun and upbeat atmosphere to the event."

    Brenda Tran, Consulting
  • "It was an absolute pleasure to film in Loft404 for our new web series All for One! The space is absolutely stunning, talk about added production value! Loft404 has an amazing eclectic style that was perfect for our shoot. We were also able to easily accommodate our different production departments in the various side rooms each area offers. Both Genna and Alli were incredibly helpful from the initial consultation until our load out. They obviously care about their clients and worked very hard to help make our demanding days run smoothly. I look forward to shooting in Loft404 again soon!"

    Lauren Evans, Producer, Cherrydale Productions Ltd.
  • "Thank you for accommodating our Vega team last night in your beautiful space. It was the PERFECT location for a team training, and we were all so shocked by such a beautiful space in the heart of downtown. We had a great night. Thanks again for hosting us!"    

    Kelsey Reidl, Experiential Marketing Specialist, Vega
  • "Well I think I am finally coming back down to earth after the amazing party last weekend!! I want to thank you so much for everything. You were an absolute pleasure to work with right from the start. And I was so right about choosing the B-Lounge. It was PERFECT!! And can you believe that band. I think it was pretty apparent that everyone had a great time. I have been getting so many emails telling me the party was a hit. And I honestly now believe that George was totally surprised. A friend of mine videotaped his reaction when he came in and there is no way he could fake that! If I ever host another party like that I am coming back to Loft 404. Thanks again. You are the best Alli!!"

    Tammy Vertkas, Surprise Birthday Host
  • "We were deeply impressed with the level of professionalism of everyone we worked with at Loft404. The staff were helpful, prompt and accommodating. The unique qualities of the venue united an accessible historic building, inspiring décor and professional atmosphere. We loved the flexibility Loft404 afforded us, with a number of room options and set-up configurations, the ability to bring in our own food and to choose from a selection of excellent caterers able to work within our budget. Projectors, whiteboards and other meeting-related materials were all available on-site, minimizing our up-front preparation time and the location was central and easily accessed from the subway line. We thoroughly enjoyed our day at Loft404 and hope to be back again soon!"

    Emma Sharkey, Senior Advisor, Aboriginal Energy Policy. Ministry of Energy.
  • "The event space was great.  It is filled-to-the-brim with character and all the different rooms and hallways make for an adventure which lasts the entire night.  I hired three staff members from Loft 404 and they were all very helpful and attentive and proactive.  If anything, they went out of their way to make sure everything was as it was supposed to be.  I felt at ease from the moment I met them until the moment we left the space.  Not only were they responsible and attentive, they were also all very friendly, welcoming and warm.  We will definitely have our next party at Loft404.  There are so many rooms that I know the adventure will continue..."  

    Regan Ashby, Director
  • "Loft404 is the perfect place for curious and creative minds, offering an offbeat and charming atmosphere as well as flexible and highly customized services. Our guests were thoroughly inspired at the various receptions, workshops, parties and other programming that we hosted at Loft404. Genna and her dedicated staff accommodated all our needs, making our experience at Loft404 truly remarkable and inspiring. It was our first time using this space and we cannot wait to get back into it!"

    Jason Ryle, Executive Director, ImagineNATIVE
  • "Loft404 is the only venue of its kind in Toronto - a warm, bohemian, eccentric, playful, and hip space that begs its guests to relax and have fun. I was completely delighted and charmed by both the mood of the space and the wonderful people who created it."

    Laurie Faith , Birthday Host
  • "We used the amazing, authentic Loft404 to host a week of Movember Foundation Board Meetings. Despite having guests in from all over the world, Loft404 made everyone feel right at home. The unique look and feel of the space, attentive service and affordable price fits perfectly with the Movember brand. We can’t wait to go back!"


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