Our Spaces

Loft404 is a winding labyrinth occupying multiple spaces on the 2nd floor + 4th floor of the old downtown Purman Building. Our creative spaces can be used as single Wings, or in combination with several or with all Wings for larger events.

Each Wing has it’s own unique characteristics, shape and decor with mixtures of eclectic bohemian designs with dim lighting and comfy lounge chairs to simple white studios with exposed brick walls and bright sunny windows. All of our spaces can be customized and rearranged by Loft404 to our guests preferences (fees apply).

First Wing


North Wing

Panaromic East Wing Re-sized

East Wing


South Wing


West Wing


2nd Floor Studio A

Event Space Capacities:

South Side (S+W Wings): 70 – 90 standing capacity
North Side (1st+N +E) 80 – 100 standing capacity. Maximum 80 theatre seating
Full 4th Floor (5 Wings): 200-250 guests standing
4th Floor Haven 45-50 standing capacity. Maximum 30 theatre seating
2nd Floor Studio A 20-25 standing capacity. Maximum 10-15 theatre seating
2nd Floor Studio B 45-55 standing capacity. Maximum 35-40 theatre seating

*Note: 1-wing bookings are only available Monday to Thursday 9am – 5pm when scheduling permits, and should be relatively quiet/noise-sensitive.